One Day an artist had a dream. The next day an artist painted it. TheWhispRing inspiration was born...
Hair Whispring is an art form, developed for the purpose of Empowering Divine Self Expression.
​It adopts a spelling
​a ring
of whisps,
​or ​whispers,
as an idea on
​it's own; 
inspired by, yet
​the word '
Hair Whispring                                                                            acknowledges                                                                                      an information
within the act of attending the hair. It acknowledges the skill of channelling, and empowering trust through intuition.It includes hair reading; intuitive hair sculpture and design​​​​​​​​​​​​​​; a sense of guidance; and facilitation of healing touch. 
A hair reading is an intuitive read of information channelled by touching or envisioning the hair.
Intuitive hair sculpture and design is a means of cutting the hair and possibly coloring the hair. Combining the information from the consultation and reading, one's authentic Self Expression is revealed. When we change what we project, we experience a direct impact by what is reflected.
It is a natural occurrence for lessons of our human nature and Spirit to be present here, as well as access to any necessary healing.​​​

Many other aspects of this process can be quite personal and vary with each client. The techniques used are developed from the culmination of knowledge combined with training and experience. 
​"Get in" is an artistic, comic response to the well known "Get out" reaction to something very exciting.