Deirdre is amazing.

    ​​​​​My hair is curly and the curl is very uneven. It is very tight and course in some parts and finer and straighter in others. Just before I met Deirdre I had tried several hair stylists. I came away form each feeling completely ignored, butchered or with the "same old curly haircut 101". At my first session with Deirdre, she spent so much time just getting to know me and my hair. She asked me "how do you want to feel when you leave here?" Wow. What a wild question. I think that first time I told her that I wanted to feel free from my hair. I wanted to feel like it had some style and I didn't want to have to fight with it. She trimmed it up and told me what she was doing the entire time. When she was done she told to give it a few days (since the curls will miss the hair that is gone!) and then call her and let her know how I liked it. It did take a few days, but even in that time I could tell that my hair was "freed". And then I got a call from Deirdre! She called to check in and see how I liked my hair. WOW! I told her that I really liked it but that there was one part I wasn't sure of - maybe it needed to be shorter? She told me to come in, which I did and she decided it should be trimmed up a bit more. That was it. From that point on my hair always felt great, easy, fun, stylish and just exactly as it should be. No one can create the same look and feel with my hair. It isn't just about a good cut. It is the right cut for how I'm feeling and what my hair needs at that point in time. Deirdre can tell what I need through reading my hair. She has also done reiki and basic massage on me and that, combined with her energy, talent and presence is an ultimate healing experience. Deirdre has a gift and I feel extremely fortunate that she is able and willing to share that gift with me!

                                                                                                                                                                                      -L.Rutta, San Jose, CA

I love who you are and what you do, Deirdre, you have helped me change how I feel about my wild and crazy hair. Thank You!

                                                                                                                                          -R. Breshears, Redding, CA

You truly have incredible powers. Keep up the wonderful things you do for people.
                                                                                                                      -D. Mailliard, Cloverdale, CA​​​​​​​

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