Services Offered...

Hair​​ Readings;  Intuitive Hair  Sculpture and Design;    Reiki and Intuitive Healing Touch;   Spiritual Guidance and Life Management Techniques; Manifestation Coaching;  Artistic Channelled Paintings and Poetry (nice gifts!); Hair Whispering Presentations;  Custom Built Seminar Programs for businesses or large groups.  ...And Beyond!
Gift Certificates Available!  Hair Parties

Return Compensation...
​I find it necessary to support ALL forms of Commerce ​to increase this availability of knowledge.
Information from the WhispRing will be provided to you contingent upon need.
​Services will commence only when everyone is comfortable with the agreement made,
​and all agreements will be honored.

Price List
Hair Readings...$200/hr.
Specialized Intuitive Hair Cutting(including "trims")​...$
50/30 minutes
These services may be received together, however each needs it's own booking time.​
​These are recommended time frames​, please consult about individual needs.

All other Services... any agreed upon amount ranging between $.01-$1,000,000,000​​​​.
​Agreements may or may not include other barters of goods and services.​

​Thank You!
for your Business, and Mindful Participation.​