RIHODSE,-pr.(rih-hode-say): an acronym which represents
​"Ride In Honor Of Divine Self  Expression.​​"

This idea came to me as a bike tour. For me, it means that whatever I do or say while participating in RIHODSE​​  is said or done with a commitment to inspire, and to share the joy of living inside of loving what I do. The conversations and manifestations which arose and continue to arise out of these spaces are beautiful, to say the least.
I soon realized that one doesn't need to ride a bicycle to RIHODSE,  one could walk, drive, fly, or do just about anything -with the general intention of that action benefitting our whole being -which aligns One with Divine Self Expression​. That is the essence of any greeting of RIHODSE.
​This kind of particular inspiration doesn't need any framework of time or space in physical reality- yet it can make all the difference in the way one's physical reality manifests. Something that exists in such a state of power is not limited by physical bounds, yet is available for our use as assistance in fulfilling our dreams. Allow your mind to gear into exploration mode to further understand these ideas for yourself. Please contact Deirdre if there are any questions you may have as you read this.

Most of All...RIHODSE reminds us of the power to PLAY!!!! wAAAAAAhhOOOOOO!!!​​