Ever wish you could have someone just show up at your house to do your hair?
Have you ever thought it would be nice to see the changes taking place right inside your own home?
Do you live in a situation where you just can't get out and need to utilize mobile services?
Do you have friends that you'd like to treat to something different and special?

Have a Hair Party!!

Hair Parties are a service specifically designed to accomodate special needs and circumstances while having fun! Each one is unique.

They are an excellent way of making Hair Whispering services affordable and available for anyone attending.

They are a great way of bringing some new, fresh energy into your home (or any public facility of your choosing).

They are available by the request of anyone wishing to host one!

This is how you start:
 Call the number on the contact page to reach me and leave a voice mail with your return contact info along with your interest in hosting one of these most fabulous events.
 I will need to know when your first choice time preference is for hosting the party.
Being a host can be as simple as you make it. Any place you can think of with adequate warmth and light will be perfect. I generally recommend arranging some light refreshments for your guests and background music of your own selection to help your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Again, you can make it as simple as you like or as fancy as you like depending on the occasion.

If you would like to host a party but need help with the details, I can help by offering ideas that bring yourHair Party desires to Life!

Plan enough time for each person to get what they need. Some guests may just want to observe, while others may want a full hair reading followed by an intuitive hair cut. Not everyone needs to plan to stay for the entire duration of the party either, especially if there are a lot of people needing services which can turn it into an all day or all evening kind of event. I generally like to have a 3 person minimum for a hair party, however, each one IS custom built, and there is no requirement in attendance. There is also no commitment required from anyone who chooses to attend. You tell me what you'd like to create, and I can then tell you what we will need to bring it to fruition.Think Limitlessly.