Be the Voice....
the voice you want to hear, the voice that wants to truly and uninhibitedly share it's truth.
Can you hear your own voice? And by this, I mean the inner voice that is inherent in us all, collectively and individually(although, some may say the individual voice is a remnant of the vibration of the collective voice,depending upon one's beliefs).
No matter which path your faith leads you with, and the beliefs and patterns connected to it, every being follows an inner guidance of some kind. For some, the inner guidance is to lay low, go with the flow, let others do the thinking about things while remaining in a steady and safe rhythm of doingness-"don't rock the boat!"-let others guide mentality. While for others, they know THEY ARE the guides of humanity by the messages they get from their inner guidance. And there are as many varying messages as there are humans, each with their own unique perspective and experience shaping those messages. The key here is to recognize Your Own Voice, with validity and confidence. Simple enough, IF you can make it distinct from the noise of all the contrasting voices of media, morality, expectations, obligation, and old patterns. As a cultural part of our society we are immersed in a bubbling vat of Voice, and unless one knows where they stand in relationship to it, they are bound to the confusion of the noise of all voices at once. Then the experience of trying to hear one's own voice is a bit like being the kid who gets pummeled in a game of dodgeball-so busy trying to avoid getting hit, you hardly have any time or energy to strategize your own game plan, and the whistle gets blown before you have a chance to throw your ball.
Or perhaps your voice is distinct, but not that loud in it's can be challenging to enter the ring of Voice when there is so much volume to overcome. No matter what kind of voice you have, it does count. Even those(and maybe especially those) who choose to be the Silence of the Voice. Sometimes the loudest messages reside in the Silence, patient and allowing, just waiting for some curiosity to inspire it out.
And how often have we given away the power of Voice to Silence? How often do we slow down long enough and get quiet enough in ourselves to acknowledge where Silence lives, and what it speaks of by being the absence that invites the question?
Voice is the instrument by which we is played by the fingers of our free will, with the agility of our expansion. It can lift up or depress down, it can inspire or fire, it can be a song, or a screech, an encouragement or inhibitor, it can paint a beautiful thing or leave a vile mess. It is the bridge or the destruction that severs connection- most importantly it IS what you make it be. And it's one thing in life we CAN control. And it's the most powerful instigator of every experience we have. If you are reading this and feeling incapable or inexperienced, you need not worry- you do not need to learn how to find your voice, just to remember that you have one. You may find yourself not ready to share it, but you have one, and IT COUNTS! No matter what your voice says, you are right in having it, in sharing it or not, and there isn't any idea that could come through your voice that isn't worth being heard. All voices are valuable, and contributing all the time to the life we live. So have a conversation with your voice, with your inner being, your unique perspective, and see if you are truly expressing what is truly important to you.
And to expand on the saying "Be the change you want to see in the world" (by anonymous, I think) Voice says "Be the Voice you want to hear in the world". See how this mindfulness shifts your manifested reality, or maybe you already have! Give your Voice free reign, and the unconditional Love only you can give it. You are the only one who can be responsible for your voice, and the only one who can truly empower it. Love it, nurture it, strengthen it, practice it, and no matter what means you use to express it, know that it is worthy, and so are you.

Transitions, Positions, Intentions
Is it routine for most to think about what we are transitioning through, the position we are taking in life, and the intentions that inspire us into action?
No, not really....
Fast paced life often keeps us from taking the time needed to reflect on these aspects, and without doing so it's easy to think that our circumstances are the cause of our discomfort. Followed then by a frantic searching for solutions for our situations, which mostly leads to a narrowing version of life in which we continue to limit our experience to remain feeling safe and in control.
I find that when we remember that underlying currents and vibrations are there in our experience and give ourselves a chance to explore our "invisible" life force we reward ourselves with an expanded opportunity to understand, both ourselves and others, and the understanding gained gives a lot more space for patience and compassion, and gratitude for whatever may be happening in our experience regardless of it's scale of positivity or negativity.
So give yourself and your loved ones a break if things seem like they are breaking down unreasonably, take a day or even just a moment to consider what might be simply unseen...and consider the impact of what that unseen force is having in your life. YOU can take the time to assess your needs and wants every moment-and the way the next moment goes may be impacted by the results! You have permission, you have the right, and you have the time to create your position and intentions as you want them, and to change them at any time to bring yourself current into where you feel good NOW. Go ahead. Take control. YOU ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES. YOU CREATE YOUR WORLD. TAKE THE TIME TO REFLECT ON YOUR OWN CREATION...AND NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE IT MAKES.

Holy SSSShhhh......
It seems that I have severely neglected this blog project! Did I fire my web team? Apparently...but NO! What the hell happened here??
I was the only "web team" I hired, and I wasn't really that great as a boss- seeing as I forgot to pay myself, so it's no wonder that with the way I have treated my own self employee, that I evidently went on strike against myself to demand pay and benefits that are desperately needed for sustainability...
But that is only part of the story...and an elaborated one for a bit of comedic effect. The more complete truth is that a dear friend of mine passed away shortly after my last blog, and after almost a year and a half of helping her family to sort out and deal with what remained in the physical from her life, I am now finally capable of thinking the thoughts that I apparently dropped in the process- like- I need to remember to update my blog!
And so here I am, catching back up to myself, and transparently sharing for the sake of critical and valuable observation... maybe you (reader) or someone you know is terribly hard on themselves like I tend to be and will feel soothed by reading someone else's account of "failure to do the obvious". Maybe some life experience, little or big, has thrown you for a loop, and my sharing will either uplift you out of a downward state, or make you laugh-knowing you once felt similar challenges and have now overcome them.
I also want to remind us all that when unexpected experiences rise up in our path, that it can shift our perception about what is supposedly "obvious". In the crux of the impact of losing my friend, many things that seemed unimportant suddenly gained priority, and vice versa. The "obvious" eluded my thinking. And as I write this, it occurs to me that "obvious" is much more a judgment of perception rather than a fact of it. How often have I been quick to make judgments on myself or others because they were simply not doing what may have seemed obvious to me at the time? Did I hold fast to my judgment? Or did I offer assistance? Did I scorn them or myself on some level for not thinking correctly? How much victim mentality did I employ by taking account of how much was not getting done and mentally or physically punishing myself for it? Did it help?
What does help- is to bring light to that which slips our humor my human self,and others, and realize there were just other priorities, and now that I realize that "obviousness" that previously crept away from my conscious thought without my noticing, I have an opportunity to see that, and make necessary changes to accommodate what I "obviously" need -now.
So if you witness something that obviously needs care, like your friend or family or neighbor or colleague/coworker's dwindled spirit, or messy house, or untended business, or whiny children, find out what you might be able to do for them...motivation, cleaning, administering, or even just listening. It will inevitably help move them through what is obviously troubling them, getting them closer to the path they are actually interested in, rather than being on one they happen to land in after receiving the life equivalent of "mislead mapquesting". Or maybe you apply this logic to your own self, and stop judging for what seems like it "should have been", and realize that you are actually a bright, brilliant being capable of putting yourself back on track, taking care of your most current obvious needs, and allowing room for the most obvious mistakes- they are after all, just mistakes,and no one has the time to count how many layers of them we must make to see who we really are inside! Oh, unless you're out to judge yourself or others by that very large number-obviously!

Aahh, the Solstice!
You may notice the background I was raised in by reading my letter to Santa below...I couldn't help but let the glimmer of my inner child shine, and yet as an adult I feel more comfortable celebrating the gifts of Nature, as in the celebration of the returning of the season of light as we near the darkest day of the year. So, let it be known I have loyalties to both Santa Claus and Mother Earth. And yes, they told me Santa isn't real, and although I discourage the wave of materialistic goo that comes along with Christmas, I do hold a strong belief that Santa does, in fact, exist...I can send you a pic if you want- there's tons on Facebook! Seriously, there are several fb pages for Santa if you really need proof.
I'm here to say, it's ok to believe. Or not believe. It's up to you! In fact, it's all up to you...whether or not you feel in the mood for battling your way through traffic and shopping grounds, whether or not you prioritize having gifts, or a tree, or have family gatherings, or traditions that you honor. In Light of the Solstice, I bestow upon you the gift of freedom from obligation... contribute where and when you feel inspired, and receive the same way... freely, effortlessly, joyfully, peacefully. Let the relief of your heart fill up your analogical 'stocking', and share purely, without agenda or regret. Step away from the mindset that you "have to", and enjoy the results that come from the space of "want to". I quote Marianne Williamson in saying..."by letting your own light shine, you give others permission to do the same." In the spirit of the coming of days of increasing light, I say "Shine On!" ....And if you need help, come see me, we'll get you polished up! Have a miracle, believe everything you want and nothing you don't, and don't forget to put out cookies for Santa... and a variety milk tray, because we're still unsure if that smell was a reindeer fart or lactose intolerance.

From the Thor-head: tip for reassuring Santa makes it to your pad,no, not your i-pad, your house...Howl loudly, I met a rein-deerhead chihuahua at a party once, and he said that Santa travels on waves of sound and light, and the more joyful noise you make, the stronger the path for his sleigh! hhaaooowwwwuuuuuu!!!!

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is all I ever want for every day. Can you please give me enough light and love to share with my fellow beings so that we can see each other clearly? I believe that if we could just really see each other for who we really are, we probably wouldn't need much else. We would recognize no separation between us, and in fulfilling ourselves, we fulfill all of us, and when we all have our needs met on this level, then we get to go play-FOR REAL! Please Santa, I ask on behalf of myself and all children in all the worlds everywhere,will you please bring the magical light of the north pole and the work of all your elves to each of us so much that our miracles have miracles? You know how us kids like bubbling bubbly bubbles of miracles, and how much we like to play...
I know you're very busy with all kinds of requests right now, but I promise if you bring me what I want I will cherish it for ever and ever, and never ever do a bad thing again. I just can't stand it anymore to see anyone, children or grown-ups, not having what they need, and acting desperate for what they want. Just give me the light and I vow to shine it wherever there is a need to see.
Thank You in advance, Santa Claus,I know you always bring me what I need most. May Mrs. Claus bake you some delicious cookies for your upcoming journey, may the chimneys be large and clean so you don't stain your suit, and the rooftops be steady so your reindeer can land easily!
Remember, my house is the One with the beauty of nature, and room for my future Sacred Hair Garden around it. Oh yeah, after you go there, can you tell me where it is? Thanks Santa, I believe in You.

Deirdre the hair whisperer

P.S. hey santa, Thor the trusty chihuahua sidekick here...I have everything I need as long as I can stay cute! But while we're asking- just throw me a bone! (eggnog flavored please)Thanks! Happy and Safe Travels to all, and to all a good night!

thinking of going to see your family for the holidays?
Well why would you? You could just text or facebook or fax or email or webpost them a message and save yourself the hassle. OR, you could just bring every techie device you own so you can remain immersed in something REALLY important instead of being with your family.
Please go to the nearest "technology use anonymous" meeting if you took me seriously.
But seriously! Don't be afraid to bop your family and friends over the head for their internet dependancies and remind them of the world happening all around them, and that the one that is just fingertips away is just the "fingertip of the iceberg". Not to minimize the benefit of technology, I just think we need to practice being responsible for it's impact.Every thing has more importance with context. Remember, you are a part of the context of your family. Because you are here, others shape their behavior around you, it's simple human emotional physics. Be mindful as we all come into the typically emotional holiday season, and as we all navigate through whatever other changes the Earth might also be experiencing, creating an impact on our well being. May you see the light you are. Happy Holidays.

Recently I heard about a group of people being considered for deletion...
And how odd that is to hear this technical term that common inside the world of things that are or seem impermanent, and although I do remain mindful that human lives and interactions are also impermanent, it brought to mind something subtle which may carry a great impact.
How do you relate to your technology? Do you carry around your cell phone or computer or use them while mentally being conscious of whatever kind of life form manifests inside those instruments? Imagine the tens of thousands or billions of connections that get made inside machine world each day just so that we can eat and go to work and stay in communication with each other. Acknowledge these little micro, or macro beings for doing their jobs. Do not allow ignorance to take over in situations which offer so much potential learning as the consideration of things that go on which we cannot see, hear, or touch. Slow down long enough to think about how many beings of different aspects of life are working within the experience of life you know and or love.
Thor cast: I get so surprised when some dumb human steps on something I just saw in the carpet and am on my way to go sniff it. YOu people don't know what you're missing!

38 years old and I still hear my mother's voice in my head....
as I put on my sunscreen this morning. "Cover it, cover it good", she would say in a tone that would suggest she was fighting evil. "Cover it good and you won't get skin cancer". I hated sunscreen. As a child there were only the smelly, stinky, paba products that made me feel like I was walking around coated in some kind of bio-chemical slime. Of course, if it wasn't that, it was the stench and terribly uncomfortable drying feeling of the aloe vera plant mush she rubbed on me if I was clever enough to get myself a sunburn. I was blessed with beautiful milky white skin that I hated growing up in because it was one of the many attributes that set me apart from others- children and adults-...One of the many attributes that taught me to embrace the opportunity of being different. Little did I know of the passion my mother employed within herself to try to protect me and the gifts I came in with. Unfortunately, my mother's efforts could be likened to trying to save very important papers from burning while living in a hot kiln where fire is everywhere. Like I said, her passion was great and that is what matters here. Luckily I've since moved out of the kiln. I've been thinking about when people used to say formally "how do you do?" And this story of my mother is to make the point that no matter what you do, HOW you do it is just as important, if not more so. When we shifted out of that formality and went into the " how are you?", the way we asked the question lost the opportunity the answerer once had to define oneself to simply having to answer with whatever is there at the time. Clearly, the shift came from the collective need to acknowledge where we are and what is happening in the present. I just think it may be worthy to consider how you ask one about there circumstances, do you want to know how they really are?, or do you want to know how they do what they do? How do you do what You do? Do you do it passionately? passively? enthusiastically? sarcastically? Do you do it with love, or fear? How do you do? Does how you do what you do reflect really how you are? Getting any light bulbs turned on yet? Are you able to look at old patterns like the mother's voice inside the head in a whole new light? Do you think it makes an impact?

Adorable Thor-able: "Everything I do is done with one thing in mind....My very loving mother/master who I am absolutely definitively loyal to, and how many treats I can get her to give me!"

Such a sexy word, don't you think? Well, unless you are a priest maybe.
To possess something, or someone, is a powerful idea.
However, it IS just an idea.
The notion that we think we can own anything outside of ourselves or our actions is pure illusion.
The part of our world that is run by the mass media structure promotes the idea that we should try to own as much as we can. That our ownership of something is what makes us powerful. We are encouraged to spend our lives doing all that we can do to possess as much as we can, and that somehow the amount of what we own gives credit to who we say we are and what we can do.
The truth is that anything you possess in return possesses you.
What possesses you?
Are you possessed by something that inspires the world around you, or by something that destructs and tears down that which has been built?
Do you possess the keys to the doors that allow you to exist without that possession?
Is the word possession scary or are you comfortable with your own personal level of possession?
Do you possess things? Do you possess ideas? Do you possess abilities that make you special or that set you apart?
Can you talk about what you possess?
Do you share your possessions with others?
Do you ever ask before you possess?
Can you start, or are you already being or having an awareness about what you possess?
Remember, this is a blog... a one way communication mostly, these questions aren't for me to know what your answers are. I just think they are simply good questions, especially considering all the ownership going on here.
From the Thor Head~ sometimes I like to take one morsel of food outside and roll it around in the dirt and weeds and bake it in the sunshine before eating it- that way I KNOW it's mine, and it's secretly hidden so no one can take it from me.
Where do you hide your most favourite morsels?

Life runs on systems...
Notice the systems you're participating with. Are they serving you, are you serving them, or both, or neither? You always get to choose your participation. Some of you don't really like me saying that. Good thing I'm not participating in a system that needs to do anything about that!(wink wink smile)

Whichever systems you choose to play with or employ in your life for any number of reasons which are all valid, remember that there are certain aspects of that system that are natural and trying to avoid wind at the beach. Even on a calm day it's still breezy.
Do your best to allow everything and everyone in your systems to be just as they are. You wouldn't even think of asking or expecting the wind to stop blowing....and if you did you might not enjoy the stench that comes when the wind is gone.
Allow yourself to be just as you are. You are as delicate system in yourself as any other! Honor and revere it!
The official Thor-cast: If you find there is too much wind at the beach, you can always race around in smaller spots of sand in the forest--Use the backup system!

It occurred to me...
The temporary hold I put on the physical aspect of RIHODSE last year, to accomodate life and weather, although necessary, sometimes occurs in my mind as an abandoned project. Of course, our minds can often be our worst enemies if we are not aware.
The only abandoning I actually did was abandoning the suffering of attachments, which is what I strive for and practice as often as possible.
So why does the crazy making mind get stuck sometimes on a particular view of a particular story that does nothing but self sabotage?
Pure and simple. We are trained from birth to make a habit out of when we eat, sleep, work, play, etc.... Habit is what allows us to multi-task, and organize ourselves in a way that brings forth ripe accomplishments. But when Habit takes over our thinking, especially in an area of life that needs reconsideration, it can take us down unneccessarily.
I use this as an example because almost everyone can relate to the feeling of falling short, not getting it done, breaking and remaking promises, feeling the sense of failure. This is human. It's ok. And basically, the message here is simple. Instead of letting your habitual thinking take over how you feel about yourself in your ability to get it done, how about not beating yourself over and over again and just allowing whatever is not done or not complete or not working to be as it is. Just stop and take a minute to acknowledge how precious each and every thing you do and everything you have done is. Even things that seemed otherwise at the time.
From the Thor-Head: I habitually play and sleep, everything else is just a stick of mystery!

Just a quick thought for today...
The most challenging of things we have to accomplish or strive to complete can gain success through simple changes in the mind. The key is to recognize the mini accomplishments and the space between accomplishments as valuable and necessary as the big accomplishments in the bigger picture of success.

And by success, I mean finding fulfillment in anything you want to do, any way you set out to do it.

Interesting how much joy is available in the observation of allowing "change" INTO the mind.

I suppose on some level we attract to the power of money in our culture since we inherently know that our paths are ultimately painted with the "change" we need. ha ha ha.

ThorHead: I don't like change. Now sticks, well, if you're talkin' sticks then I'm in. Oh yeah...nothin' like a good stick. Nothin' like a new stick every once in a while. I guess change isn't so bad.

Competition has been a necessary evil...
in our culture for thousands of years. In continuing to ponder and look at the impact on humanity of this powerful and moving aspect of nature, I come back to the knowing that we employed competition initially as a means of survival. Being able to run faster or jump higher gave one the ability to more easily maneuver and hunt. More stamina and plenty of patience meant better crops. Looking better than the rest guaranteed the best company possible.
Technology was implored to be able to make things better, to replace to some extent, the need for a human with the convenience of a thing. We now have choices to procure our worlds, and ideally we should realize that having that technological advance allows us to stop having to compete to enjoy what we like.
But it seems so many have just taken the competition pattern and filed it under "just the way things are". While some are seeing the downfall in putting too much stock in the result of the competition with others and end up using the competition against themselves. In the beginning this seems effective. After a while that just tires one into a pointless mess.
The truth I see is simple. We don't ever really live in a non challenged, non competitive world because we are so accustomed to being a part of some kind of competition. We think we are in control of it but we are intertwined deeply with it in our psyche and most of us just reinvent it over and over again with different faces.
Just try , just see if you can actually live not in competition with anything for even just one hour. Then move on to one day, one month, one year, the rest of your life....

The official Thor-cast: I predict you will find the truth and it shall set you free, you silly humans.

Recently..(hmm mmm pre-pardon the pun)...
I've been hearing and observing lots of comments of and about time. And so I think it's time to address time once again.
When you consider the commencement of time, ponder this truth for fun:
If we were not in competition with each other, time would not exist as it does now. The version of time that we know and are most familiar with as a culture and possibly species is fundamentally rooted in the obsession with doing-ness and beating the "others", getting ahead and as the old adage says "the early bird gets the worm".
So therefore, we exist in the 'human race', racing against each other through some force of motion we refer to as time, doing our best....the best we can in the time we it ever enough????

Did we forget we made time to up the stakes on our own game? Our we constructing our time to have our doing express our being? Is time getting your best or are you getting the best from your time?

Whether you have enough time to read this or not I do hope it's message reaches you in it's own time, at the right time, when you're counting on time to heal you....

And, when we are in competition, we cannot see another's wisdom, unless we can learn from one we are trying to beat, or overcome. Then, using that wisdom; in the nature of competition itself is faulted with misery, as it inevitably ends up being used for personal gain....that is the illness of unfulfilled needs. This is the world that contagions the mind of those who have no awareness of themselves. We have, to be mindful of how we compete with each other and why we compete with each other to align with the joy of winning in our own lives.

The official Thor-Cast: What? Sad? In need? frustrated? worried? confused? overwhelmed? Play. Just Play. Like this "aaaaarrrrgghhghgahhharhhhghh" with your toys! What? Somebody stole your toys? You had to sell them to feed your kids? You lost your mind and forgot where you put them? Call me, I will share mine, no problem! Toys for everyone! I Declare!

......Our culture ....
American Culture. Media. Mass Media. We are not brought up in this culture to believe that what we say matters. We are mostly taught that we could scream at the top of our lungs for what we really want with the only result being a loss of voice due to strain and overuse. So, we mostly operate that way spouting whatever we think is personally amusing or important, not bothering to wonder how our loss of awareness of our voice is impacting the bigger picture. Media teaches us what's important, including everything from what to get excited about to what to be concerned about.
If we were to try to look at what the world would look like if we were not media focused, we would have to adjust the picture before we could actually see it again. How we see ourselves is so engrained with it that it does not exist independantly, nor do we. We actually have developed a symbiosis with media to bring survival to our identity.
I find it difficult to read these very words. If we are to find ourselves beyond identity, we must confront what in us is media made.
And let the artful games begin infinitely with words such that our objective in speech is to find the value of our world safe within our words.

Today's Thor-cast:
"Here yee, Hear We!
All your voices count to me!
Bark your truth, pure or unkuth
Liberate Words, Be Free!"

Really. I haven't blogged since Valentine's Day. Shameful!

The sun calls me outdoors, yet I could not let my internet ignorance go on any longer... so I will compromise with a short message, for you to ponder, ponder, and then ponder some more. You may even desire to co-ponder with others on this one. Please Be my Guest.
Sacred Commerce. SACRED COMMERCE. Sacred Commerce. Illuminated Living. All needs are met, joy is overflowing. Sacred Commerce.

From the Thor-Head: Sacred Commerce. Andale! Just start asking: "Do you participate in Sacred Commerce?" very simple I think. nO Brainer!

Valentine's Day Resolutions.....
Just to have some fun and mix things up, let's mix up traditions and holidays. Let's make resolutions in February, wear red, white, and blue in march, dress up in costumes for Easter(there always has been something a little frightening about the easter bunny anyway), celebrate our fathers in May, our mothers in June, wear green in July, get the picture. And thinking about Thanksgiving turkeys decorated in pink and red is both disturbing and hilarious. Santa Claus in a spiffy new New Year's Eve dress? Well, he's already been seen in the media wearing camo, so why not?
Who remembers or knows the stories of all these holidays and how they came to be with their traditions before marketing took them over? Is my dissonance for marketing ploys showing?
Ok, let's not get off track...back to this very serious game of holiday celebrations....I just want to point out that most of what we celebrate is made up- some of it a very long time ago, never the less, made up. In my mind, this does not invalidate our traditions, it is simply an awareness that invites new traditions to be initiated. Let's not be stifled by what is outdated. While simultaneously honoring what has been, we can also declutter the hallways of tradition to make room for new paths of inspiration.

This year's Valentine's Day resolutions for me are:
1.To honor the strengths of others by reserving negative judgment about their words or actions.
2.To honor my own Divinity by continually practicing compassion.
3.To honor Inspiration by allowing the rhythm of life to swing and sway, sweeping me off my feet in the most deliriously happy way!

Ok, that's enough. Three helpings of anything is more than enough. Including flowers and chocolate. If you have more than that on your plate, make sure you share. Everything in moderation. Especially when it comes to how seriously we take ourselves. Especially on a day like Valentine's Day, when the goo of sickeningly sweet romance spills out of it's candy coated shell, infecting our egos with overstimulation that usually results in feeling either pedestalled or inferiorated.

And lastly, A great big public thanks to those who ARE doing their best to share the joy they have found in their beloved with those who are still searching...May we ALL find peace in our hearts around the word of Love!

Valentine's Day "Thor-cast"- don't forget to give extra thanks(that means treats, folks) to your furry four-leggeds, slithery reptilians, feathery flocks, swimming schools, or any other form of animal companions that help you keep your sanity and heart in one piece day after day. You think it's easy putting up with you? Think Again! We love kisses, but throw us a bone! At least one big enough to keep us busy while you play smushy face with each other. We deserve it. After all, even if we don't get one, we will still be there to lick the tears of tomorrow's disappointment(a little guilt trip always does the trick)...Anyway, you know you can't live without us, but the truth is that we can't live without you either.

When I was a kid, they laughed.....
"they", the other kids.Insensitive little brats. To laugh and scoff and tease just because I had some playful, silly, ridiculous idea of some game I had just made up. And then Polly Popularity would pipe up with exactly the same idea, but because SHE said it they all thought it was a good idea and took her seriously while I remained chronically stricken with I'm-the-one-who-gets-picked-last-for-the-team syndrome. Completely unfair!

Now that I am an adult, and "they" are all adults and we are all grown up,.... nothing has changed. Insert laugh.

They still laugh, and scoff, and tease me for the silly, ridiculously playful ideas I impose on their world.

The only difference is that now I enjoy their laughter. I've gained perspective that allows me to understand their scoffing and even join in as frequently as I want.
And rather than being limited by their ridicule, awareness sets me free to enjoy being the most ridiculously fun version of myself I can be!

I wouldn't dare change any experience from my life no matter how painful or maddening simply because I rely on it's truth and lessons to who I am in the present. Without the structure of past experiences holding my foundation strong, I would have no shape.I would exist only in a formless state unable and incapable of any one form of Divine Self Expression. Choosing form means making the distinction between that which is or isn't in our reality. Form is finite, all though we have the power and Infinite Free Will to change our form, Infinitely traveling through a finite world.

We must acknowledge what we rely on during the course of that journey.
Think carefully about it and ask yourself this very enriching question. If you start to make a mental list, you will quickly come to realize that the list is endless. Whether the foundation of what you rely on is built on air and water or something physical, love, or the thought of something mentally uplifting, fear, or the honed skill of manipulation to get what you want, everyone relies on something to keep them going. Are you being actively thankful to that which you rely on most? Serving gratitude is one of the best ways to fill your energy pool with a richness and flavor with which you will not be disappointed. To whatever is within you or surrounding you that serves you with the will to be here be aware. Spend time appreciating the earth, each other, and the insights and inspirations that come to you each and every day. We rely on these more than we account for.

said Thor-oughly~"As many times a day as I get stepped on as a seven pound chihuahua, I rely entirely on my cuteness and ability to yelp".

How do we know.....
when we are succeeding? I heard this question posed recently and I think it is a good one, because there are so many answers! One person says " I will know I have made it when I no longer have to question where the money will come from to pay my bills". Another says, "I will know I have made it when I reach 'x' dollar amount in my bank account". While others may say "Well I know I'm well on my way when I get picked for a spot on American Idol, or The Voice" or, "I know I'm doing something right when every time I can have a 'real' conversation with my teenager". My point in stating these different examples is to show how subjective success really is. Personally, I feel successful every time I hear about someone having an empowered experience while getting their hair done, or see someone smiling at themselves in the mirror authentically. ....Because that is what I strive to achieve. Really there is no wrong answer to this question. Some who are chronically ill or who are struggling with rehabilitation feel successful if they can make it to their telephone or front door when someone calls or knocks. Some who are chronically depressed and fighting their way back to mental health feel successful if they wake up in the morning (assuming they've been able to sleep)without being rolled by suicidal thoughts. Regardless of what success means to you (and I think for most of us this changes as we grow and live), it is important to remember that we are all trying to succeed at something. And, usually, it is very difficult to do so without help. Even in personal goals, we often draw strength from the physical, emotional or mental support of others-those we love, and who love us. I certainly have been saved from failure many times over by the good graces of friends, an unexpected, last minute client who unknowingly speaks words of inspiring truth or brings much needed income, or sometimes just the inspiration to succeed brought about by a thought of someone in my mind that in my heart I refuse to let down because of who they are for me. And yet we cannot succeed without our own free will and determination to do so. So whether we are climbing Mount Everest or taking a walk down the street, success is coming to us through the relationships we hold dear-from ourselves and our personal pride, to our families, friends and coworkers. Even an interaction with someone who is seemingly a stranger can give us the energy we need to succeed in some cases. Also, remember and be mindful about the subjective nature of success, and that big successes could not be made without a 'succession' of smaller ones. Be mindful that we are each doing the best we can in our own way, with our own will to succeed, and that true success, while on one hand is very personal, on the other hand, rarely comes without sharing. Doing what we can to see others around us succeed cultivates an environment of success, that acts as a bounce net under a high wire tight rope walk. If you are having trouble feeling successful, just count the little success(es) you have made. And if you don't make your mark, give yourself credit for succeeding at failure. The greatness of your success can really only be measured by how many times you have fallen and then gotten back up. So, ultimately, just by participating in this human life, you are already a success. Do not underestimate how powerful your contribution of success is, and do not undermine all that it took to succeed-even when- especially when all you see is failure. Just turn the coin over, and see the inherent success that is on the other side.

Today's "Thor-cast": I am successfully predicting that after you are done reading this, success will have no choice other than follow you wherever you go. And just like me( a faithful and loyal successful chihuahua), even if you send it away, it will inevitably still come back to ask for more stock up!

One of the most powerful forces we have on this Earth, and in this Life, and may be widely overlooked.

We speak in our culture as though we only strive for light, for goodness, for what is best. And then we act in ways that procure dark, badness, and what is worst! On my bikeride here today, the sun shining brilliantly on the beautiful southern Oregon coast, my shadow spoke to me from the asphalt and said,
"Don't ignore me. Do not fear getting to know me. I am the part of you that is more powerful than you know and realize. Consider truth is hidden in the dark, and only by allowing in what you do not already know will you have access to seeing something new."

Ok, Ok, so my shadow doesn't really speak to me from the asphalt...but I swear I heard those words from some unknown space that keeps reminding me, and keeps me in touch with my humility.

This also came to me another day as I was doing something mundane...
"True Strength, Assuredness, Empowerment...Consider that you may not know what these things feel like. If you try to feel what you all ready know and expect
to feel something new you will be lost. That would be a false interpretation at best. Allow the unknown to enter into your heart and you begin to allow the possibility of knowing the feeling of power, love, courage, or anything else that is different in experience form the suppression you've been accustommed to."

I think so many of us are so busy trying to do life that we forget that we came here to find what it is to be human, not to dictate and regurgetate what we all ready have realized. We have made it so the time we allot for discovery is minimal at best. We may be forgetting what it means to explore in this "everything right at your fingertips information age". That is- everything at your fingertips as long as you agree to live and exist in a space near a cell tower or not blccked from sattelite and don't have to wait a fortnight for the %^%&*(^*(&( page to load!

The Official Thor-Cast: I suggest you buckle your seatbelt. Especially if you intend on doing that shadow work stuff....You're most likely in for a exciting and turbulent ride!!!

Thank Wow we made it through.....
yet another holiday season. And Happy 2013. And....are we really in a New Year? Or is it just an older model refurbished? This can be a tough distinction.

All this time since my last post I've had so many thoughts about what I wanted to write...sometimes though, thoughts are like food, if you don't eat them when they're fresh it may not reheat well and if you wait too long they will surely spoil.

And I don't want to serve you rotten thoughts any more than I would serve you rotten food. And I wouldn't do that unless I had just taken out some stock on nausea medicine. Insert laugh here.

So, as I'm sitting here, at the local library, which is where I do all my posting- since my circumstances dictate me living without my own computer or internet access-
I'm wondering what is the freshest of the fresh in my thoughts that I can offer up to you today(with a blank stare at the screen)...

And I see one of my favorite inspirators that I often run into in libraries.
And in less than 30 seconds of conversations, I become infused with what to share.
Every day is a revelation.
If you want to do something, do it now, because when you wait it will only get harder to move around.
We treat the information that comes to us through our vast media systems as the truth.

Can we try believing in ourselves as much as we believe in outside sources?
Can you question yourself and still stand firm?

Maybe this meal of thought is more rare in your palette of taste...maybe you're accustomed to these delicacies...

Either way, just ask yourself both tangibly and figuratively...
Is what I'm eating both tasty and digestible?
Why would I tolerate anything less?

When it comes to our thoughts and food, join me in the intention of having only the best.

Happy Delicious Healthy,
Love 2013

Wheeee wish you......
a merry fistmas and a Happy New Fear!--As I witness the madness that ensues as the majority of the public fights their way to the best holiday steal, even if it means beating your neighbor over the head and punching your way through the crowds that are your competition, followed by months of fearing if you can make your car or house payment because you're still catching up with the credit card/layaway plan you used to bring yourself into an entirely new level of debt...All to payback Christ for being born so that he could relieve you of the pain of sin?

Yeah, right.

Have we not made enough movies about Scrooge to disempower the cold hard cash mongers?
I have been accused of "PolyAnna Syndrome", and at the risk of ruining my standing reputation with a little negativity, I have to say- If Santa WAS run over by his reindeer, I would blame the marketeers for making this the one time of year you can buy chocolate covered bullshit disguised as reindeer food for less than they pay third world elves to make it. I mean everyone knows that reindeer poop out diamonds and urinate into bottles that end up being sold as parfum fragrances at Macy's counters all over the world, so who cares, right?

Yeah, right.

My public apologies to anyone honest and hard working who uses the momentum of this Season to feed their families all year long, however, I strongly feel the inspiration to speak for all those who feel they have no choice but to cave under the pressure of shopping, gift giving, and pouring tall glasses of holiday fear for all their "loved ones". It's ridiculous. It's cruel. And sadly, it's NORMAL.
I dare you to challenge me with a different perspective if there is one. Our emotional heartstrings are yanked in a million different directions at once. If this were shown on a physical plane it would like torture out of a horror movie. Look past the "let it snow", little "white christmas" lies. If Starbucks was really kind enough to "bring the family to him" they would suggest that he not spend 4 bucks a day on coffee and instead put it in a jar on his fridge so he could afford to go see them....and that is just the tip of the iceburg of examples that Demon Claws melts over unsuspecting poor schlubs who miss their families because they are too busy working to afford the right coffee, the right gift, the right brand new car-daily.
And an even sadder truth- we all know this, and still the majority lets their hearts, minds, and pocketbooks be swooned by the "magic of Christmas" year after year. We have become so numb to our authentic feelings and so fearful about sharing them that we continually participate in a holiday that does nothing but blow off steam. And we need to! Unfortunately, that steam powers the commercial train of financial doom and emotional resentment. If you want to give a gift that counts, just tell one person that it's perfectly acceptable to rewrite the book on tradition. Tell them they are NOT REQUIRED to buy you a gift to make you feel loved. Tell them it's ok if they wear the same party dress they wore to the Christmas party last year. Chances are, there is enough spiked eggnog and over abundance of self consumption that no one will notice anyway.


Most of all, do take this opportunity to make an authentic choice for yourself about how you participate- in the holidays AND in life. Take the opportunity to liberate yourself and those around you from the relentless pressure, judgment, worry and criticism that is so prominent this time of year. Take the opportunity to love yourself and others, and express it in a way that reaches beyond materialism. Take the opportunity to just BE. You want apocalyptic change? Let the tidal wave of commercial commotion wash away all the "things" you don't REALLY want, Let the earth quake and knock off all the knock offs, Let the royal thunder of your hearts storm through and ring true to all you hold Sacred and Holy. And know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that what you give DOES make a difference.

Happy Holidays, no matter which one you celebrate, or choose not to. And THANK YOU, for you ALL give.

As we enter into potentially Sacred Time...
Not to be mistaken sounding as if there were a moment of Time that were truly in itself not Sacred!

We the people, declare our birthright in declaring our declarations true as we take the Liberty to be inside of the vast possibility of emotion or human reaction that could show up in the coming weeks, months or any other infinite or finite time ahead.

Yes I did write that with the intention of headspin. Allow the dizziness that may come from the difference between the past and now to kindly redirect your thoughts into the most loving and receptive space for your own personal growth.

The Collective Agreement of the possibility of a shift alone is enough to bring a shift. We have brought on and will continue to bring forth the changes we see necessary in our collective conscience. The fact of you reading this now is attention to something in you that needs to consider this whether it is true or not.

Be conscious and aware of the reality your thoughts create...this is the resetting period of core beliefs that have impact on our next 1,000 years according to some ideas I have read and personally profound insights I have had. Isn't this the smart choice anyway??

Thanks for letting me share some things close to my heart....I feel a strong urging to lay down some seriousities and sense the gift of that request in a way that both moves and surprises myself.

Never underestimate how powerful it can be to experience last minute changes. Love living in the mystery.

Wow is me....
Just to be clear, no woe here, and, no whoah here! I was most graciously and generously hosted for a hair party last night and it AGAIN became clear how fun and necessary Hair Whispering is for people. The space of Hair Whispering offers so much! The needs of each individual in attendance varied, and Hair Whispering met them all. For me, I am so saturated with the joy of what I do that I feel as if it is radiating out of my pores and creating and reflecting more and more light in our world. I am so impressed by who people are as I meet them in this space...curious, courageous, creative, beautiful! My work has blessed me with this venue that is allowing me to come into contact with those who are inspired and inspiring, those who are kind beyond measure, and willing to think beyond what they know, willing to expand and grow. I feel such an overflowing gratitude for this gift that I am often moved to tears. Last night I watched the movie Arthur after all the excitement was put to bed, and a line in that movie keeps repeating in my head...YOU REALLY CAN DO ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN. We are only limited by our own selves, our beliefs about ourselves, and when we are willing to consider the truth or untruth of those beliefs we absolutely open the door for infinite possibilities and Possibility. Contrary to the programming endured by most in our present culture, we ARE strong, we ARE capable, we ARE uniquely gifted with something special in each of us, we ARE here with purpose... we ARE, we ARE, WE ARE!!! Never ever underestimate the POWER OF WHO YOU ARE!

From the Thor-Head: "Treats? Treats! Treats treats and MORE treats! That's my motto...and it works! I got to make so many new friends and play with new toys and sleep in the comfiest, coziest bed...good thing because being so patient while mom does her work is so tediously exhausting...but sooo worth it! Ahhhh, if only every dog could live this kind of life or better, can you say ecstatic? Definitely chalking one up on the 'wag more, bark less' campaign!"

Time Time Time...
...Is of the essence....everything in it's own time...I have thought deeply of these expressions and still I come to new found profundity whenever I truly consider the use of time.
A trusted friend encouraged me to blog shorter posts if necessary but more often. I think she is right, and, it definitely is having me reconsider how to manage my time differently so I can do that. This issue is something that no matter what perspective you come in with everyone deals with. No one is left out of the game of time. Even if we choose not to acknowledge the passing of time it brings still the result of our ignorant efforts. And yet it IS completely made up! The only thing that makes it real is our collective agreement in which it rules. This is proof of our agreement to suffering on some level as well since I think almost everyone has suffered over time at some time. Amazing.
So we will see if I can adjust myself to meet the requests within my life, and within the changing and shifting of RIHODSE.....over time.
I can profess a certain happiness over how I feel about how I get to spend my time. Yet it does not come from the action itself but from the energy collected and regenerated from allowing inspiration in all of my actions. (Why not.) This is a direct result of aligning with all of my actions at the right time, or, learning important lessons after dealing with the result of feeling frustrated that something happened at the wrong time. Mostly things also feel more smooth when I allow my attention to drift away from keeping track of time and focus instead on the richness of the moment. I think it's time for trusting our inner timing, allowing ourselves to happen in exactly the right time, in our own time, at the place of our choosing in every moment.
From the "Thor-Head"......It's about time!

Happy World Series RIHODSE fans!!!....
When the priority is focused on the people you come across in life rather than one's own personal agenda, the personal agenda takes a back seat to REAL LIFE...meaning- my personal plan as to how RIHODSE will go is continually altered by the inspiration that comes with being present to what is happening, and what calls for my attention. So while I had planned on being well into California by this time, I still find myself here on the southern Oregon coast adventuring in a different way from riding hard and fast down the coast to beat the weather. Instead, I am working on some different options that I believe will benefit RIHODSE in a much more lasting and effective way. Like delving deeper into nurturing relationships and opportunities by staying here a little longer while waiting for the right break in the winter weather to continue further south. I am finding every day to be a new lesson in soaking up the richness around me as I enter into conversations and circumstances that grow new understanding about Hair Whispering- both for myself and those who I come into contact with. I feel compelled to make a point of sharing how powerful it is to see what shows up in our lives when we can allow ourselves to be moved or kept still by the intent of our purpose rather than by a schedule we keep. Not that we shouldn't make schedules or plans, just the opposite. We need a framework of some kind to start from, we just also need to be flexible enough to build from the framework, not to be attached to it. When we do this, allow ourselves to be accessible, available, and flexible to the actions and people that call out to us, we let magic in, we relinquish control in a way that empowers that which we cannot imagine or see, bringing us opportunities and possibilities that we could also not imagine or see. If you want something to "happen" to you or for you, this is one way. And consider that it really IS all good! Only our perception and judgment of a situation can make something "bad" happen. If something "bad" is happening to you, just find a way to look at it from a change in your perception, and you may find benefit and supply where you did not see it before. Like how my "delay" in moving further south has given me other opportunities- like time to follow The World Series-ha!lol
From the "Thor-Head".....Well, what can I say, I finally have reason to shiver, as it has been CHILLY! Luckily, mom always finds warm and dry places to stay, but man I'd like to be in Cabo on a warm beach about now! Camping in 40 degree weather is a lot different from the mild 50's to 70's we started out with. At least we are making nice friends that make dealing with the unbearable bearable again.... but does anyone have a set of chihuahua mittens? Or maybe some way that I won't have to get my feet so bloody muddy?? Where is my caravan?? Where is my heated dogbed?? I tell you, I just tolerate these conditions for the sake of RIHODSE, and you people have no idea how lucky you all are!

RIHODSE brings...
me to the most amazing people and situations. I must keep bringing attention to this so that we can all remember to let our current missions, whatever they may be, riding down the coast with a chihuahua or raising a family or running a business, move us into action by trusting the mission. I did have that radio interview, it aired on Tuesday, my first!
I did go to the farm I was invited to... Actually called Moon Dance Ranch. I find myself not only surrounded by beautiful views, a rich lush garden and the magic of animals, but with a personal cute house to stay in with a wood burning stove, a canopy over the bed, and the company of one of the funniest, most charming and loving women of this community. As it turns out, my timing was again synchronistic and auspicious as I view the events going on here and my role in them. There is a mutual need of a job, and work to be done. There is a mutual need of company and acknowledgment. When we really look, we can see in our lives where there is mutual need and fulfillment, and it is most often found in the space that is the path of least resistance. Sometimes we have to put aside our own agendas and resistances to things we think we need to do to allow for the path we are currently on to unfold. In this society of instant gratification it is necessary to be mindful of how impatient we can sometimes get, and how if we give more time, more attention, more insight to a situation or circumstance, we will get to see an answer or question fulfilled that we were looking for. Sometimes it's the question or answer we didn't know we were looking for. We also tend to forget that we ARE multidimensional beings, and that when we allow things to 'disappear from sight' for a while, it does not mean they are gone. Often times it is very beneficial to 'let it be', knowing that when you come back to it, either you or it will be or look different than it did before and give you a different perspective. And from one who climbs long hills and finds beautiful ocean views at the top, let me tell you...PERSPECTIVE IS EVERYTHING~
and my perspective is one in AWE of my life, having me create new contexts to make room for the state of bliss that is ever expanding. This perspective is a broad point from which to stand, and I invite you to look from this view, there is plenty of room for all here. IF you have a hard time finding it, just call me and I can help give you the necessary directions.:)

From the "Thor-head"...I am very approving of this animal friendly ranch my mom has found, all kinds of good smells and close to the ocean where I can run really fast. My favorite things to run fast in are lush green grass and nice wet flat sand!
Yesterday we visited the no kill animal shelter, those animals are so well kept but they all crave so badly to find their humans! If you know anyone who would benefit by having their own canine angel(or any other kind), like I am for my Mom, please go and visit them. You just never know what or who you might find!
Well, it's my nap time again, time to lay by the heat of the stove and dream about the best of all the adventures we have-so many to choose from!

RIHODSE gathers....
More and more people to me and around me. Every place I go to I find this infinite kindness of strangers and people with whom I connect. I almost always instantly see reasons why I came (why RIHODSE has come) into people's lives, and why they are in mine. I bring this up because I believe it's important and significant to mention what an impact connection with others makes in how empowered and supported we feel to do what we do. So much I tend to feel as though I would love to stay in each of these places to help "figure it out", and, really the best thing I can ever do is my best to make sure others have the connections in their lives and trust everyone to "figure it out" for themselves, ...right?Right. Of course. How simple. Yes, you may in fact be detecting sarcasm behind that last statement, and it is unintentional yet purposeful in something I am not yet sure of, who knows?
Well tomorrow I leave the comforts that have been bestowed upon me by the Rogue River RV park and store,attend my radio interview at the local KGBR which will probably air tuesday is what I'm told.
Then I will ride out after some last minute stops in town for proper supplies and head for Brookings. Although I thought I would make that ride in one day, I may have to make it two so as to visit a farm I was invited to...either way after that I am soooo looking forward to my venture through the redwood forest, and, if you are ever near Gold Beach make sure you find the appropriate mistake that leads you to the greatest of outcomes, like I did here, and find a good place to camp for a few, the Rogue River very much fits it's name.

Alpha-bet RIHODSE!!
Did You know that when you're bicycling long distances up hills and through magical foresty places that profound games of wonder show up? Wicked wow fun let me tell you...
After inventing and imagining that hills are easy, and I could fly as fast as I wanted up them, pointing my inner sight to seeing myself clearly up ahead at a particular spot on the road,I was coming down off the top, and realized a certain magic.
As I chanted RIHODSE I started to replace the R with all the other letters of the aplha bet. L for example, Learn In Honor Of Divine Self Expression or Love In Honor Of Divine Self Expression..and I started with A and went all the way to Z, chanting the names of actions done in Honor of Divine Self Expression as I went, taking my attention away
from the grueling work that my body was doing to get up the hill. What impacts me about doing it is realizing as I say each one that somebody somewhere is probably doing that and become inspired and impressed by people and all that that they do...
so there it is...Have at it and have fun, no matter what.
..... IHODSE!

... two of my favorites came from K and U, although I am not revealing what they were, so that your brains will read this and automatically start to wonder what words they could be!....And How many other acronyms could you make in honor of Divine Self Expression in things you do daily...How many things do you do in your life in honor of Divine Self Expression?
This is the game of "Alpha Bet RIHODSE"...Where you can make words sacred.

Oh, and by the way, while we're talking about playing games, how about playing the game of he who throws away the least litter wins....I know who you are you bud light and mcDonald's coffee drinkers, you beer can plastic bag random nasty glove society...I know who you are and I will avenge you if necessary. You have but one more chance to show me you can change your ways, or I will bannish you to prehistoric times where a tyranisauris rex is waiting to gobble you up you flies. You miserable pests leaving your vomitous trash carelessly amongst a precious and fragile and beautiful environment that not only shines but protects and holds us inside our very reality...I challenge you to be the winner of the least litterest!! And from the "Thor-Head"...I triple dog dare you!!
I do find cleanliness closest to Godliness, for then we have a clear reflection with which to See ourselves.
I am now in Gold Beach. Tomorrow I plan to travel to Brookings, just in case you would like to take a ride and would like to look for me. I am simply going south down the most coastal route, and I welcome and invite you all to ride with me for any length of time although I can't promise that time spent necessarily applies to non riding time. I ivite you to ride in the Wind of RIHODSE, feel it empower your molecules as you move through each other. Or be a stopping point for anyone On a RIHODSE and gather strength from an abundance of experiences come to fill you up once more.
After Brookings I will head toward Crescent City by Sun or Mon. ......and remember, I thank and honor you all for all you do IHODSE Be In Honor of Divine Self Expression, You Make in Honor of Divine Self Expression, You Care In Honor of Divine Self Expression, You See In Honor of Divine Self Expression....You ultimately Dare In Honor Of Divine Self Expression for your life to be manifesting the ultimate result and quest that enJoys and emPowers the heart, fulfilling desire on an entirely new plane that surpasses and envelops anything which we have previously known. RIHODSE!!!!~

RIHODSE Grows....
More and more each day. One of the reasons I am able to do this mission is because I do not have the responsibilities of my own children as many do, and yet I feel RIHODSE gaining it's own sense of self that is beyond me as a child would as they grow.
The last 4 days have been spent in and near Langlois,OR. If you ever come this way, make sure to visit The Common Ground Blueberry Farm, and not only will you find an explosion of taste sensations in the many varities of special heritage blueberries, ripe delicious tomatoes and other various fresh produce,muffins and jam at this u-pick stand, but a wonderful, kind and enthusiastic group of souls passionately living and sharing in the authentic joy that it brings! Trust me on this one, if you are searching inspiration combined with deliciosity this IS your stop! Located on the corner of Hwy 101 and Bono Rd.
I have also discovered the beauty of Black Lock point in the Floras Lake State Forest. Easy hiking trails through lush wooded earth lead to views of the Ocean, Cape Blanco and are gently laced with wild strawberry fields. An excellent place to "forest bathe" and re-energize your body with phyto nutrients- a welcome recharge for my tired body after biking from Bandon.
All of my experiences here have been amazingly synchronistic in timing, and the people of this place are friendly and generous. While in town you will also not want to miss a cup of soup at LaLaBelle's, or taking in the local art, beautiful silversmith work(by Thomas)and cozily weaved handmade clothing(by Carol)at the Raincoast Gallery. However, be prepared to allow yourself to slow down here, as the experience would not be nearly as rich if you are in a hurry...There is so much to take in between the natural beauty of the land and the simplicity of the people. Also, a good stop for "local beef, local jam" (as the sign states outside) fresh made sandwiches and ice cream cones is the local Langlois Market and Deli.
Tomorrow morning I will head out towards Humbug Mountain, and start preparing for climbing the hill before coming into Gold Beach. By the way, I know I have promised youtube videos, and I have not forgotten my promise... stay tuned for future videos and possible events happening further south. Until then..RIHODSE!

RIHODSE!!! Continues....
to Inspire me and ceaselessly amaze my heart! Every time I enter into a new inquiry of even the simplest measure( like-"should I camp here or keep going further today?"),has me landing in generous, hospitable, and loving places. Places I would never have imagined that I needed or that needed me(usually there is mutual need). Such as Alpha Farm, a wonderfully charming intentional community about 20 miles east of Mapleton, where I find people being very real and compassionate with each other inside of the challenges of being human. And the camping neighbors who fed me a crab breakfast before a long day's ride when I simply offered them some extra carrots I had. In fact, I have had so many inspiring conversations in just the last 3 or 4 days and come across so many miracles big and small that I must concentrate and meditate to keep them in my memory long enough to mention them in this blog.And still I know there are many left unacknowledged! I have made it to Reedsport currently where I was taken in by some construction flaggers I met while on my ride to Florence...I have found assistance with everything I have needed and also a keen realization that I have really lost the distinction between work and play. I am always at work, and simultaneously at play. Timing is a key that is continuously unlocking new doors for me. I let go of attachments I find in how I think I want to do things and am graced with new gifts everywhere. For instance, giving up having to go a certain distance in a certain time frame before I am faced with the onset of Winter, and then being offered rides that allow me to go even greater distances than I would by "doing it myself". Of course, I do believe that when we accomplish anything we are never really doing it by ourselves, as the truth reveals that we are connected by the fascia of energy that is our life force and are never really alone. I emphasize this because I see it to be an illusion that haunts humantiy constantly-that of separation. And please remember THAT when dealing with unruliness of people...always ask yourself "What must be happening in their world to have them react this way to life?" How can I Inspire and stay Inspired? Generating this for yourself and taking responsibility for this state of being in yourself is like metaphorically building a comfy cushion on which to fall when you find yourself in the midst of a "bad day".
I thought I might be sharing more specific physical details about this trip, yet I suppose I find it more necessary at this time to share more of the streams of thought coming through my conscious mind and heart. I am new at blogging, so it's possible the style will or could change as time goes by and I gain experience. For those interested in my whereabouts, tomorrow I will be starting off from Bandon,OR, and continuing down the 101 coastal highway...I've been averaging 15-20 miles a day or less as my stamina and endurance build more and more. If you have comments please post them on the contact page in the guestbook,or right there on the blog page, I am anxious to read them! If you see me feel free to stop and chat, even if it seems to interrupt- I invite all Divine interruptions, and remember, YOU are the reason I ride, so fear not, and RIHODSE!!
FROM THE "THOR-HEAD"...I especially like the times people feed me unexpected treats, like fresh cooked kidney meat and allergen free dog treats. Mom and I stay warm enough when we curl up in the sleeping bag at night, and there is nothing better than the wind in my nose on a good downhill. So many smells, so little time! Life on the road, free as can be, Man, I am one lucky dog!

RIHODSE update...
...As it turns out, there have been some complications and delays in getting started...not so dissimilar from any new project we take on in life! And, as is such in life, perseverance and positive attitude ensure success! Although, certainly not without the generous contributions of those around me. If not for them, I surely would've given up long ago. Any time you need a miracle, just look to see the people surrounding you, and you will find yourself abundant in miracles! One of the truths I have found is that we are never really alone...I am kept company by Thor, my loyal chihuahua companion and trusty sidekick (lol)!
Today I finally depart from Eugene, Oregon on route 126 towards Florence. I have always known I would take a trip to Florence, I just thought it would be in Italy! haha
I suppose that one is still in the works. Until then I look forward to all and any adventures awaiting me in Florence, Oregon!
I am in gratitude for my experiences in Eugene over the past year. Warm embraces and open hearts have welcomed me and all I have to offer, and now offer me a stable platform from which to jump into the magical abyss of this Divine Mission. I will be delighted to return as Spirit requests! RIHODSE!