​​​I have always felt, and known, that the success of this work of Hair Whispering would not continue without the support of the public. It is from the recognition of this fact that I have started, and continue this work. Therefore, I feel it is of great importance for me to publicly Thank all those who make my "life work" possible, and dedicate a space entirely for this gratitude which moves me into service every day. To protect privacy, I have chosen to not list individuals..... and trust that you all know who you are and what you've done. Be acknowledged again here, for you contributed without need of recognition- which lends to it's purity which I am so grateful for.

I do find this work to be of  Divine Inspiration. I am inspired in my heart by Christ Consciousness, (and although Christ does not​​ need or require thanks) I am compelled with joy to share my gratitude for this Source of strength, wisdom, and Love from which I learn and teach.

I have been actively developing this ​​system for over ten years now, and I certainly would still be living in ignorance without the constant feed of wisdom and experience shared by my clients.  Every client who has come, sat in my chair, and left me so touched that I could not give up- YOU know who you are, and I cherish every moment I have spent with you, as well as those who will continue to impact my future, and the future of Hair Whispering as a whole. Thank You.

I have been blessed with friends and family, who, knowing the "oddness" of this work or me personally, have supported me on this path- always and relentlessly,  through many modalities, and without fail. I make a difference by doing what I do, and I could not make that difference, or recognize this difference ​​without you. YOU make the difference for me. Thank You.

In my current mission, the ​​RIHODSE, there are those who have offered and given the
kind of support that- without it I would not be succeeding, and the intent of RIHODSE would fail. Please allow and this acknowledgement and thanks to fill your heart with warmth and appreciation as you have filled mine. Your gifts of generosity, prosperity, hospitality, patience, skill, time, talent, foresight and Love go above and beyond what is called for. Everyone who has ever encouraged me in following this dream, you give selflessly, and are all heroes in my book! Thank You.

Finally, my Gratitude for our Mother Earth and all the creatures of It,  our Beautiful​​ Universe, any and all Spirit Beings from beyond the physical realm, and the Divine Intent that created the need and fulfillment of the need of my being here now. Thank You.


...And the list continues to grow...Thank you!