What is it?

​​inherent love, energy, passion, creativity, shared.......

It's for everyone who wants to be a part of it.
It's a space for full freedom of Divine Self Expression.
​​It's an awareness. It's something made real given by what you choose to contribute.
To understand more clearly, let's reveal how it came to be here.

The Origin
It started with a  dream.
​ A dream of a place in real time and space where everyone is loved.
​NO ONE left out.
​​ A place where abundance reigns.
​ All needs and desires are met.
​ A place where all who come are honored for their gifts and natural abilities.
​ All are acknowledged for their being. 
Looking, searching, journeying until finally realizing  here it is.
Now, I observe and search for those with whom I can share this place.  
The Whisp Ring is a place.
Within these pages and conversation, bridges are formed.
​Connections between that which is seen and that which is unseen are made.
​This is a ring of energy that is consciously flowing through all, each and every one of us.
​An unlimited and infinite source of freedom- our Self expressed.

Our vitality and creativity depend on our availability to access this unlimited source.
​The ability to do so, I believe, is inherent in everyone. All we have to do is open our vision, broadening our perspective, so that we may see it.
The Whisp Ring is a perspective.
Every person comes into this life with some thing they intend for contribution to the experience of being human.
​Naturally, it is something they love. It is the thing we do that enlivens us, generating passion and curiosity in our Spirit.
​It is the thing we search for that holds the key to our authenticity, our Greatness, our happiness.
​Some have found it and live inside it now. It is simply our passion, the awareness of it- like a personal magic.
The Whisp Ring is access to power.
You may see what you need to powerfully manifest your own dreams to life.

I work physically with the hair as well as working with the energy throughout and around us.
It is one of the many bridges.
My own personal magic is  Hair Whispering. Through the art of bringing in transformation of one's Divine Self Expression by working with the hair, I have found in myself the ability to translate what your hair reveals about your self and your life.
​The information is shared with you so that you may benefit the Whisp Ring, and I am both excited and co
mpelled by my passion to bring it forth.
I have learned much through study and travel, although nothing as valued as what I have been able to intuit and channel as I work and share with others. Without sharing, nothing would exist. We would not exist.
​This is recognizing each and every One for who they are and what they bring. 

Choosing to participate in this work is like shining a light or mirror on our "blind spots", allowing new opportunities through a new perspective of yourself and your circumstances.

The Whisp Ring is an opportunity.